Why is Abington Meadows Hawthorn Berry Syrup unique?

What makes Abington Meadows Hawthorn Berry Syrup unique? Attention to high quality. The market is saturated with herbal products that make big claims but are not effective. When we created Abington Meadows Hawthorn Berry Syrup our purpose was to produce a tonic that we had utmost confidence could significantly boost the health and well-being of a close friend or a loved one. We hold every bottle of tonic we make to that standard. We use only fresh, wildcrafted berries that we personally harvest when they are in season or certified organic dried berries when fresh ones are not available. We will not use sub-standard berries. Unlike our competitors we use only organic grape alcohol which adds to the expense of our product but is far more beneficial than the more commonly used commercial brandy. The vegetable glycerin in our product is 99% pure. Perhaps most unique to our brand is the use of a brix meter to certify that our extract maintains a minimum brix reading of 15 prior to adding grape alcohol or glycerin. All these measures combined can assure our customers they are buying a high-quality and effective product.