We started Abington Meadows in 2014 so we could produce for the public some of the healthy syrups we had been making for years for friends and family.   Our first product was Hawthorn Berry Syrup, a traditional heart-healthy syrup known for many years to support healthy blood pressure.  We sold it through our sister company, Hidden Pond Farm.  This product was so favorably received we decided to produce Elder Berry Syrup, another traditional tonic known to support healthy immunity.  We aim to expand our offerings as we grow.

Rod Blanchford has been raising organic gardens and helping friends and family with natural healing since he was a teenager.  He is also a cancer survivor who used both medical and natural methods to overcome it.  His personal experience with a deadly disease helped him realize the importance of purity and high nutritional quality in producing foods that significantly enhance well-being.

Susan Peery has been on a life-long quest to find and apply wisdom to many aspects of life.  She used natural methods in raising her six children and garnered a vast reservoir of common sense about health and food in the process.  She is the creator of our version of Elder Berry Syrup which is our most popular product.